My Fuckin Problems
We all got problems. Try not to be a cunt <3
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I can never do anything right. I’m just fucked up. A fuck up.


do you ever just get to that point in an argument where you’re just done and the other person thinks that means they’ve won?

like no, you didn’t win. you’re not ‘right’. all that means is that you have literally exhausted me to the point where I don’t care anymore and I have opted out of continuing this discussion.

(via ignoranceis-love)

I am not your door mat

For four years I’ve let you run my ass over. I thought this time it was real. I picked you up while you were down not realizing that every time I did so I was sinking farther and farther. I let you fill my head with sweet lies, I let myself believe in you time and time again. So now believe this. I am not your door mat. I am a human being. I have feelings. And now you get none of them.

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